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What is a threat assessment team?

A threat assessment team is a group of officials that convene to identify, evaluate, and address threats or potential threats to school security.  Threat assessment teams review incidents of threatening behavior by students (current and former), parents, school employees, or other individuals.  These teams are more common in university settings but are also being instituted in K-12 schools.

Some schools may need assistance in determining whether a health or safety emergency exists in order to know whether a disclosure may be made under FERPA’s health or safety emergency provision.  Accordingly, members of a threat assessment team might include officials who can assist in making such decisions, such as school principals, counselors, school law enforcement unit officials, as well as outside medical and mental health professionals and local law enforcement officers.

The booklet, Threat Assessment in Schools:  A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates, jointly issued by the Department and the U.S. Secret Service, includes guidance on forming a threat assessment team on pages 37-38.  Information on establishing a threat assessment program, including a link to this booklet and other helpful resources for emergency situations, can be found on the Department’s Web site:

 See also “Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans”: